Why Choose Athena?

  • You are owed tens of thousands of dollars.
  • The payor is self-employed, or a 1099 worker and his wages cannot be garnished.
  • The payor owns, or you suspect that he owns real property, personal property and/or he owns a business, but he refuses to pay you.
  • The payor has cash, or you suspect that he has cash in deposit accounts, but he refuses to pay you.
  • You’ve considered going to a lawyer but can’t afford the retainer
  • You’ve gone to a lawyer, paid a retainer but didn’t get the return on your investment.
  • Your state’s Child Support Enforcement office is overloaded and hasn’t been able to help.
  • You have no idea what the payor has or doesn’t have.
  • Your recovery will help you and your children to have a better quality of life.

Will Athena Work?

The CEO/Founder of Don’t Get Mad Get Paid and the creator of Athena has been helping moms to collect their unpaid child support for the past two decades using the very same methods that Athena uses. Over 10,000 moms have collected and now it’s your turn.

Athena will help by:


  • Investigating the payor for income and assets
  • Searching for businesses that the payor owns
  • Locating the current address for the payor
  • Employment and Income verification
  • Using State-specific forms
  • Providing Legal Document Assistance
  • Pulling credit reports on payors (on a case-by case-basis)

Getting paid what the court has ordered can be a daunting task but you have children to raise and college and retirement planning to do. When it’s time to get serious about getting paid, let Athena handle it for you.

Athena was designed by a mom who has been a leader in the child support collection industry for over 20 years. Not only does she “get it” because has she been through the process herself but she has worked with other moms to help them get paid and is uniquely positioned to know how to get the job done right. She has taken her decades of experience and now gives you Athena. With Athena’s technology, you will be on your way to finding the payor’s location and assets within minutes.

Our Stats & Achievements

You can relax knowing that if there are accessible assets, Athena will find them.  The CEO/Founder of Don’t Get Mad Get Paid and creator of Athena has been helping moms like you get paid for over 20 years.  In that time she has helped more than 10,000 moms to collect more than $15,000,000.
Years for business
Helped to collect over
alimony and child support 
Accepted In All 50 States
Athena’s legal documents are state-specific
and carefully prepared under attorney
Skip Tracing by Investigators
Without skip tracing your judgment isn’t
worth the paper it’s printed on.
Athena turns your judgment into cash.
Complete our questionnaire and provide
your documents and you are on your way
to collections with our fully automated process.

What Customers Are Saying About Us

Athena is a child support collections system that all moms can trust. This is what moms have said about the CEO of Don’t Get Mad Get Paid and their child support collections

I wish that I had learned about you 5 years ago, I could have saved myself $75,000 – yes, $75,000. Thanks to you I am now collecting my child support arrears.

~Shelvie Jean, Alamonte Springs, Florida

Lawyer after lawyer took my sister’s money, and couldn’t do a thing for her. Now, with this approach, she has taken control of the situation.


Yes!!! I collected $11,225 in back child support.

~M. Larsen


1. Answer a few simple questions about the payor, the payee, your case information and the money owed to you. This should take 10-20 minutes.

2. Upload a copy of your judgment. If you do not have a judgment, Athena will help you to get one.

3. Review what our team of investigators find. Athena’s investigators will perform location searches to find the payor, banking information and assets, both real and personal.

4. We have legal document assistants and a legal team on staffSimply download your documents and file according to your state’s instructions which Athena provides.

5. You get paid. Once the banking institution receives your document showing your legal claim to assets found, they have no choice but to turn the cash over. It’s the law. If you are seizing real or personal property, the sheriff will receive an order from the court to retrieve the asset. You just work out the details with the Sheriff’s office.

What Is A Judgment and a Judgment Lien?

A judgment lien can be filed by anyone who is owed support and has not been paid in full. If you are owed a sum of money for unpaid support, by law, you are entitled to receive a judgment from the court and are the perfect candidate to file a judgment lien against the non-payor’s money assets, real estate assets or personal assets. A judgment lien is simply a document given to you by the courts which says that you are entitled to place a lien on a piece of property or deposit account. A judgement simple means that there is an amount of money that is owed to you and it has been recorded by the court system. Filing a judgment lien is a very effective way to get your arrears paid and get them paid, fast. When there is a judgment recorded in court, that amount can be attached to the non-payor’s assets as a lien. With the proper paperwork and strategy those assets can be turned over to you.

The history of the judgment lien and the seizing of assets from parents who do not make their legally obligated support payments can be traced all the way back to Blackstone, an eighteenth-century Judge who is credited for writing commentaries on the law. If you care to know more about Blackstone’s early commentaries on the seizing of property and money assets for payment of support arrears, read this quote from him.

It’s no secret that getting your arrears paid is difficult. Everybody knows it. The court system knows it, child support enforcement knows it, every mom who has ever been owed child support arrears knows it and most importantly, those who set out to shirk the system know it too. About 10 years ago the child support arrears in the U.S. was at about $110 Billion, now as of this writing, it is at about $117 Billion. The problem is not getting better, it’s getting worse.

Family Law firms know that collecting arrears can be a difficult thing to do which is why they don’t specialize in it. Family Law firms are not set up to be debt-collectors. Instead they stick to Family Law in Family Court, when ultimately what the person who is owed the money wants, is their money – not another day in Family Court on a Contempt Hearing. A slap on the wrist for a non-payor by losing his license for a while might be okay and some might think that it’s warranted, but the loss of the non-payors license is not going to put food on your table, pay for camp or stop the slow hemorrhage from your retirement account when you need extra cash to pay for medical expenses, tutoring sessions or any of the other many money pits that parents fall into when raising children.

Athena is a necessity for the millions of parents who are owed support. It helps to level the playing field and close the justice gap for parents who want to collect what is owed to them.

Athena makes your financial recovery easy, fast and possible.