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When we talk to moms who have been unable to collect their unpaid child support, they tell us that it is because they have been trying on their state child support enforcement (“CSE”) agency and that they agency has been unable to help. They also say that either they cannot afford attorney retainers or they have already paid an attorney a lot of money and have not received a return on their investment. They also say that they don’t have the time, they don’t have the resources, they don’t have the emotional energy to figure out what is required, what the process might be, how to get the proper forms and what to do with the forms if they get them in the first place.

ATHENA eliminates these roadblocks and provides solutions that makes collections possible.

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Basic Athena

The internet’s most comprehensive collection of forms for child support collection, in a document library for moms with every type of child support collection need and every budget level. Basic Athena is our do-it-yourself value service for moms on a tight budget.

Athena Premium

Just file it and forget it. Complete our questionnaire and let Athena do the rest. Athena will perform all skip tracing tasks, and because we have legal document assistants and an attorney on staff, you simply obtain and download your documents, print and mail leaving you to focus on what is most important – your job of being a mom.

Let Athena give you some peace of mind!