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If your ex has a business and you are wondering if you collect from him through it or if he owns property or high-tag items such as a boat, jet skis, antique cars, etc., there are very specific tools that you can use to seize accounts or seize property and sell it. Written by national child support expert, Simone Spence, this book does not disappoint.

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Great book! Very eye-opening. Spence helps you sort through the legal mess of whether you should
use DSS to collect, or an attorney–or strike it out on your own. She makes a great case for the latter,
which is also a low budget option, but a solid one. She provides a lot of creative ideas for finding
your ex and locating the money, or assets.
    – Bella Media Services

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If you think you’ve run out of options and are hitting a brick wall, Simone offers lots of strategies (many you’ve probably never heard of) to attack the situation and explains the pros and cons of each. Her methods will help any custodial parent (either divorced or never married) that is tired of struggling to get by while the other parent ignores or evades their obligation to support their child.
– Tracy Achen

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I got the book and I’m taking some REALLY helpful notes. This book takes any roadblocks a parent may have and shows them the way to resolve whatever issue they may be experiencing. I love, love, LOVE it!!!!!

    – Vesta Burns

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“Thank you Simone! I am now fully representing myself and collecting my child support arrears”.
– Shelvie Jean

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YES!!! I collected $11,225 in back child support thanks to Simone Spence’s awesome book.
    – Maritza Larsen

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A MUST read for any parent struggling to make ends meet…

– Alana K Hasse


“Simone Spence’s ‘Deadbeat vs. Deadbroke: A Guide to Getting Your Children All That They Deserve’ is a much-needed breakthrough for parents who have child support arrears. Child support collection is a minefield that parents traverse when they attempt to collect what is due to them. Spence breaks down legal and complex information into a guide which any parent can follow and use to succeed. I recommend her book to everyone who has children and has a child support collection problem. If you use this book, you will get your money”.
    – Raoul Felder, Esq
      New York Celebrity Divorce Attorney