The Covid-19 stimulus bill calls for checks to be redirected to parents who are owed back child support for at least 60 days. But, just as with child support enforcement itself – there are plenty of loopholes. Child support evaders will still have plenty of ways to evade their child support obligations with the stimulus checks. Please sign this petition that demands that the IRS and the Department of Treasury tighten the loopholes.

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The Self-Guided Solution to Collect Back Child Support

We enable you to collect your back child support in less time and for less money. Our self-guided solution will:

  • Help you to navigate the court system. No more forms that you can't find or figuring out how to complete them.
  • We remove the burden of people searching and asset finding for you. We find the payors real and personal assets, his employment, and bank accounts.
  • Our technology generates the state-specific and customized legal documents that you will need, and more.
  • Our entire process is $1,200

Our customized roadmapguides you every step of the way

  • You Provide Info

    Provide in-depth information about you, the payor and other requested information to help us perform our investigations.
  • Location & Asset Searches

    We find him and we find his assets. You are no longer in the dark and the burden is not left on you to do this research.
  • We Generate Your Documents

    We’ll generate your state-specific and customized documents. You’ll get easy to follow instructions for filing the forms provided to you.

Collect What’s Rightfully Yours

78% of mothers don’t receive the child support that legally belongs to them – money that could be instrumental in improving the lives of their children. Long time child support expert, activist and author Simone Spence has been successful in helping moms collect their arrears for more than two decades. Her expertise is now Don’t Get Mad Get Paid. 

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Twenty years of helping moms to collect millions of dollars has evolved into a process. When Simone Spence set out to help women to collect their unpaid child support, she had no idea that she had started something big. She has now made it her life’s mission to dig a ginormous dent in the $118 billion of unpaid child support. 

Whether the payor is working as a 1099 worker, under the table, in a cash-based business, has created a LLC to shield his assets, or simply just moved and you can’t find him, Simone Spence has seen it all.  Her twenty years of experience, methodology, and know-how has been baked into a technology product that is designed to help moms get their money. She has named this product, Athena.  


$1,200 flat fee $100/mo

Perfect for the overbusy and overwhelmed mom. You are aware that you are engaged in a battle.  Let us arm you with the right tools to win and walk beside you as you do it. Let us do the hard work to find him and his assets and provide you with the state-specific documents that you need to succeed.


Document Library

Documents for motions that need to be filed for every step of the child support collection process. Documents for every state are available. Select, complete, click, print.

How-to Knowledge Bank

A repository of child support collection knowledge, tools and resources

Step-by-Step Instructions

Shows and explains each step in the process of child support collection

Legal Document Preparation

Shows and explains each step in the process of child support collection

Skip Tracing

Locating the other parent, income, employment and assets for collection purposes

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This is REALLY helpful. It takes away the roadblocks a parent may have and resolves whatever problem they may be experiencing. Love, LOVE it!!!
~Vesta Burns~

Save Money. Save Time.
Get Peace of Mind.

Don’t Get Mad Get Paid will navigate you through the process of enforcement. We will focus on collections, so that you can secure your finances and move on with the next stage of your life successfully.

  • Legally Compliant in All 50 States
  • We Keep You Informed Every Step of The Way

Deadbeat vs Deadbroke

It might be difficult to understand how a book can make the difference in whether you collect your child support or not, but that’s exactly what this book can do.

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