Child Support Consultations

Work with an experienced child support consultant who can help you to create your own personalized child support strategy.  Our clients typically have problems with non-residential parents who are self-employed, quasi-employed, hiding income and assets in other people’s names, business owners or owners of “shell” businesses, created solely for the purpose of child support evasion.  We help to uncover cases of financial fraud so that our parents can collect for their children.  We can provide you with a step by step plan and guide you along the way.

With our 20 years in the business we can help you with specific problems. Do you have a special needs child and are wondering how that impacts your child support?  Are you wondering if your case qualifies for criminal non-support and how to get charges filed?  Is the non-residential parent hiding everything in the name of his business and nobody can tell you how to prove your case?  These are the types of cases we work with everyday.

Child support consultations are great for parents who are representing themselves in child support court or who want to.  Consider a consultation if you are already working with an attorney.  We can help to streamline costs to keep the billable rates down and make sure that your child support order is tight and nothing is forgotten, or left off, or not considered …


 Do you have a child support question that came up in the middle of the night and have nobody to call to answer it for you?  We will answer all general questions within 24 hours.  Questions cannot be specific to any one case.  The low fee for this service is only $4.95.  Looking for information and can’t find it?  Chances are that we have it.

Deadbeat Hunter

Need some assistance with locating the obligor or the obligor’s income stream and assets?  Let us help.  From motor vehicle searches to national bank account searches, we have the ability to find out what you need to know.

Advocate Assistance

Pursuing your child support arrears can be tiring. Most of our clients are running businesses..and taking care of the kids…working two jobs…and taking care of the kids…caring for family…and taking care of the kids….  It can be overwhelming.  But you also know that it is important to collect your arrears because it will benefit your child, and because your child deserves the opportunities and security that financial support provides.  That’s when our advocates can step in and help. Partnering with our advocates gives you the helping hand that you need, while allowing you to remain in full control of your case.  Our advocates can help you with paperwork, perform simple research if needed, and remind you of filing dates.  It’s the help that you need, when you need it and only when you need it.

Our Testimonials

Thank you [for the interview], you are obviously well-knowledged in the field of child support enforcement”.
Former US Senator Bill Bradley
Simone Spence is “the only [child support] expert that has ever stumped me”.
Former Congresswoman Marge Roukema

“Thank you Simone!  I learned more from you in one conversation than I did in years with my attorney.  I wish that I had learned about you 5 years ago, I could have saved myself $75,000- yes, $75,000.  I am now fully representing myself and collecting my child support arrears”.

Shelvie Jean Goodwin, Alamonte Springs, Florida

“Dear Simone, the court granted my daughter $788 a month! Turns out my ex was lying about a lot.  He spent some time in jail over the summer and, as of Wednesday, is also to pay $156 extra in arrears until the arrears is paid off.  I am not currently getting it all.  What I DO see is about $150 a week, and it’s enough to pay for daycare. And to think…when I contacted you, all I thought I could get was 50 or so a week…. It wouldn’t be so if it weren’t for you. THANK YOU”!

Aletha R. Cherry, Atlanta Georgia

“Thanks so much Simone, you are my savior. I appreciate all your hard work. I didn’t expect someone so professional and so compassionate to have such human dedication and to help someone you don’t even know. My gratitude will be eternal.

Tatiana Ronn, New Jersey