The Show Cause & Contempt Order (Failure to Pay Back Child Support) is the paperwork that the Judge or Hearing Officer completes after you have filed a Motion to hold the deadbeat in contempt for failing to pay back child support.  It is served upon the other parent requiring him to appear in court to “Show Cause” (give a good reason) why he should not be held in contempt of court (go to jail).  He gets an opportunity to appear in court and explain himself.  If the person hearing the case (the judge, for example) believes his story or wants to give him another chance, your Motion will be denied.  If the person hearing the case leans more in your favor, he will be taken into custody.  Your reasons for the deadbeat being jailed should come through strongly in your Motion and Affidavit.  Don’t leave it to the person hearing your case to “understand” your situation or all of the tricks and games that the deadbeat plays to get out of paying his child support.  If you make a strong enough case, you may get your Contempt Order.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Show Cause and Contempt Order Form from the Document Library
  2. Complete the top of the Form only.  The rest is for the Court to complete.
  3. Attach the Form to your Motion & Affidavit
  4. Have both Forms notarized if the clerk in your area requires it.  Ask.
  5. Make a copy of each of the forms
  6. Bring the originals with you to the clerk’s office
  7. File the forms
  8. Receive the signed Form back from the Court.  You may get t immediately, you may need to wait to receive it in the mail.
  9. Serve the other parent
  10. Show up in court on the date assigned.