Use the Request for Production and Certification for child support collection when you want the deadbeat to supply you with access to view and/or copy documents which relate to your child support case.  For example, if you would like to view copies of his W2, bank statements or credit card statements, you can ask to see them, but there is a fewer than a .0000001% chance that he will voluntarily provide you with that information if he is intent on avoiding his obligation.  The best way to use a Request for Production is in cooperation with the Subpoena.  You subpoena the person to appear and at the same time serve him with a Request for Production so that he appears and must bring the paperwork with him.  It’s much harder to appear in court without the paperwork and explain that to the person hearing the case than it would be to receive the notice in the mail and ignore it that way.  There is a good chance that the deadbeat will ignore your request but there are remedies for that type of behavior.  The first step however will be to file the Request for Production and follow it through.  Where you live will determine how long your deadbeat has to respond to the Request for Production if you are doing it by mail. Some areas will require 30 days, some will require 40 days, etc.  Contact the clerk’s office in the area where your deadbeat is being served and ask them.

Here are the steps:

  1.  Download the form from the Document Library
  2. Complete the form.  See the sample in the Sample Letters/Language/Forms section
  3. Have the form served to the deadbeat
  4. Complete the Certification at the bottom of the form
  5. Have the form notarized
  6. Make three copies of the form
  7. File the ORIGINAL form with the clerk’s office
  8. Mail a copy of the completed form (with the certification completed and notarized signature) to the deadbeat or his attorney if he has one. Send one copy regular mail and one copy certified mail, return receipt to be on the safe side.
  9. Keep a copy for yourself.
  10. Wait for your paperwork in the mail or for your personal appearance to receive your paperwork.

If you are concerned about whether you can afford the costs associated with a Request for Production and certification, including paying filing fees and for a notary, consider filing for Indigent Status at the County Clerk’s office.  Search our blog and article area for information to help you understand what that is and how to utilize it.