Use proof of service for Motion and Order of Examination of Judgment Debtor to get answers about the deadbeats income and assets and collect your child support.   Once your Motion has been granted and the Order has been signed, you will need to serve the forms to the deadbeat, along with the list of records you want him to bring.  After he has been served, the proof of service document will need to be returned (provided) to the clerk’s office for their records.  You may need to have the form notarized depending on your area.  Ask the clerk’s office if they require the proof of service to be notarized.

Here are the steps:

  1.  Download the proof of service document from our Document Library
  2. Complete the form after the deadbeat has been served.  See a sample in our sample Forms/Letters/Language section
  3. Notarize the document, if necessary
  4. Return the form (provide) to the clerk’s office

If you are concerned about whether you can afford the costs associated with a motion and order to examination your judgment debtor, paying filing fees, consider filing for Indigent Status at the County Clerk’s office.  Search our blog and article area for information to help you understand what that is and how to utilize it.  If the clerk’s office is unable to help with this, contact the Simone Spence Support Team: