If you don’t quality for indigent status but still cannot afford your court costs and associated fees needed to collect your back child support, consider filing an Affidavit for Supplement to collect your back child support.  The Affidavit Supplement will allow you to request to the court that they waive your filing fees and costs, not because you are poor, but because even though you are not poor according to the Federal standards, your expenses are such that you still cannot afford them.  The burden of proof will be on you to make a good case for yourself by completing the form as thoroughly as possible and bringing forth your paperwork to prove what you have listed on your Affidavit Supplement.

Here are the steps:

  1.  Download the Affidavit for Indigence located in the Document Library
  2. Download the Affidavit Supplement located in the Document Library
  3. Complete both forms.  See our Sample Forms in the Sample Forms/ Letters and Language Section
  4. Make copies of each form for your records
  5. Make copies of all proofs that you will be providing to the court to prove your case, in case they ask for a copy
  6. Bring your paperwork to the clerk’s office