When kids don’t get their court-ordered child support, sometimes they …drop out of college because they can’t pay tuition…don’t go to the doctor because they don’t have medical insurance or money to pay a doctor…miss out on opportunities for sports programs, music programs, camps, tutoring and more …

33 million children are owed more than $110 billion in overdue child support

It would take 1, 594, 320 hours – or 182 years of labor power for CSE to collect the child support that’s on the books right now in the U.S.

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She claims to be penniless but drives a new car. He manipulates his finances to appear financially destitute on paper. He is self-employed and earning a good living but claims to be unemployed and deposits his money into his girlfriend or mothers account, making it difficult to trace. She outright lies about her income in court. He’s honestly penniless and trying to improve his financial health.

Only one of these examples deserves any sympathy. The other four are deadbeat parents, capitalizing on the court system’s willingness to forgive past-due child support in the face of financial distress. On one end… a combination of indifference and irresponsibility and at the other … extreme is just an inability to provide financial support due to personal circumstances. Trying to improve one’s financial health is a noble enough goal, but the children still lack much-needed support.

In Deadbeat vs. Deadbroke, child support consultant Simone Spence brings the conversation and the focus back to where it belongs – focusing on the children. She provides you with the information and tools needed to best represent a child’s interests when denied child support, whether you’re a parent, attorney, or caseworker. Learn how to identify signs of financial fraud, and how to present your case to the courts. Discover how to negotiate on behalf of your child when the support payer is truly penniless, and how to work within a court system willing to put a parent’s financial needs ahead of a child’s rights.

Child support is not, as some would have it, a privilege to be withheld at whim. It is a right owed to children across the United States. Simone Spence helps you protect that right.

• Establish, modify and enforce your child support order
• Discover over 60 sources PI’s use to track people and use them to locate the non-residential parent
• Learn how to track and uncover assets the non-payor is hiding
• Learn how to collect from unemployed, self-employed, those hiding assets in other people’s names and other difficult parents
• Distinguish between a Deadbeat parent and a Deadbroke parent


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