Pursuing your child support arrears can be tiring. Most of our clients are running businesses..and taking care of the kids…working two jobs…and taking care of the kids…caring for family…and taking care of the kids….  It can be overwhelming.  But you also know that it is important to collect your arrears because it will benefit your child, and because your child deserves the opportunities and security that financial support provides. Prices are per hour.

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Want to discuss your case with an expert child support advocate?  Want to map out a strategy with an expert who can help you figure out how to position yourself and your case for a win? Deadbeats can be very tricky. It seems sometimes that they have written the book on manipulative behaviors.  Our experts have seen and have heard it all and can provide information and strategy to not only address and overcome the manipulations, but collect your arrears.  Speak with an expert who is experienced with the self-employed, under the table workers, business owners who hide income and assets in the business, those who hide money and assets with friends and family and more. Our experts can assess and provide direction and information.  Most, if not all of the paperwork you need for your collection process will be available in our document library.  



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