I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you are reading this, then you already know (or at least suspect) that CSE is not going to help you to collect your child support arrears.  Unless you have one of those cases where the absent parent has a steady job and a steady income and they can do a wage withholding, you are unlikely to get the help that you need to find him if he is hiding from you or to pin down where he is working/how he gets his money and where he hides his assets.  CSE will do a tax-refund intercept but that’s about all that they will do.

That means that if you are serious about getting your money you are going to have to rely on yourself.  The good news is that there are FEDERAL laws available to you that you probably don’t know about.  We have been using these laws for over 20 years, helping moms just like you to collect.  This webinar is going to be all about introducing you to them and how they can apply to your case.  This is not legalease or a bunch of terms in latin that you can’t follow.  Just straight talk and some step by step along the way.

I promise that you are about to be blown away.

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