If you are feeling nervous about this process, don’t.  Take a deep breath and exhale.  We have designed this website to be very easy to use.  If you can follow a recipe, then you can follow the steps that we will provide to collect your arrears.  It’s that simple.  Honest.  Every arrears collection problem has a “recipe” for collection.  Depending on the set of problems, there may be a few recipes which need to be followed but each will be as simple as the first.  If you get stuck at any time, contact our support team: info@dontgetmadgetpaid.com or 1-888-390-1950.  We can usually respond to support requests via email faster than a call to the support team.  If you have any suggestions on how we can make the site better for you, please let us know by contacting support via email.  If we use your suggestion, we will send you a gift.  🙂

The difference between “us” and “them”.

Let me begin by explaining the difference between the way I approach child support collection and the way that everybody else approaches child support collection and how and why you can be successful here, when nobody else was able to help you.  There are many reasons to the why nobody else was able to help, but the one we will focus on will be that we utilize federal laws for child support collection, instead of Family Law.  When CSE and most attorneys work on child support cases, they use Family Law. Family Law use the old standard contempt of court, wage withholding, and IRS intercepts.  We use as as well, but we also use laws that allow you to place liens, seize personal and business property, foreclose on homes, obtain credit reports (for the purpose of investigation), seize money and assets in the hands of a third party and more.

In 20 years, I have personally guided moms to collect over $15,000,000 and this is how.  Be sure that you are comfortable with these measures before you proceed.  With guidance, you will be completing your own paperwork, filing it and appearing in court representing yourself.  How long the process takes, will depend on you and the layers of your case. If you have to find the other parent and his assets and then collect, it will take you longer than a mom who knows where the other parent is but needs to find the assets and collect, and she will take longer than the mom who knows that he owns a house, where he banks and works, etc.  Move at at steady pace, doing a little every day and you will get there.

To find what you need:

Document Library: Hover over the Document Library and double click.  This will open the main part of the library with categories such as:

When you cannot find your deadbeat
When you need to find assets that belong to the deadbeat
Enforcing your child support order
When the deadbeat is self-employed

Locate the category that applies to you.  To the right of that category will be a list of the forms that apply to that solution – that “recipe”, if you will.  Clicking onto the small arrow to the immediate left of the name of the form will open the form.  There you will be able to read it and you can download it and use it.  These forms are generic forms and can be used in any court in the country.  Some of the forms will be fill-in the blank and you can fill-in the name of your county and state, etc.  Some of the forms are templates which you will need to recreate according to the information and format that is provided to you.

These forms have ALL BEEN THOROUGHLY PROOFED and APPROVED by attorneys across the country throughout the years.  Rest assured that they will be proper and appropriate.


Sometimes you may need a form that is not a “recipe ingredient” in any of the categories listed.  This is where you will find them.  All of the individual forms are listed here.  You will find motion forms such as:

Notice of filing of foreign judgment
Order to show cause regarding contempt / motion for contempt
Questions for debtor’s examination
Notice of demand to pay judgment

Sample Letters & Language

There will be times that you might have to send letters to either the CSE agency, to your attorney if you have one or to the other parent.  In this section of the library you can find sample letters that you can either copy and paste and use as they are, or use as a starting point to write your own letter.

You will also find sample language.  When you are writing your own motions, I can not tell you how important that it is that you get the verbiage correct and on point.  What I mean is that you have to ask for the relief that you are seeking, you have to ask for it in the right way, you have to “back-up” your reasons for asking for it.  In addition, you have to submit all of the proper paperwork.  Sometimes it seems that you are writing and rewriting the same paperwork over and over for the same purpose but if you look closely, there are small and subtle differences in the documents and they must all be filed.  They have to be filed, mailed (sometimes by you) and if you miss something or fail to include something in the paperwork, it could be kicked back to you, your motion could be dismissed entirely by the judge or it could be heard and the judge would entirely gloss over an important part of your motion because something wasn’t done properly on your end and you would never know why it happened. You would leave frustrated and ready to give up. Use our sample language as a starting point to write and craft your motions.


Certifications are part of the “back-up” that was just mentioned.  With certifications and affidavits, you swear that you are telling the truth and provide further details on the problems (and the relief that you are seeking) you wrote about in your motions.

Instructions to download or print from the Library:

1. Locate the file you would like to download or print.

2. Click the link button next to the file.

3. Download onto your computer or print.

That’s it.