About Don’t Get Mad Get Paid

Dontgetmadgetpaid.com is the official website for Child Support Solutions, LLC.  Since 2000, Child Support Solutions has been helping parents to collect their child support arrears by teaching them how to locate absent parents, locate hidden income and assets belonging to an absent parent trying to hide them and how to effectively garnish wages, bank accounts, and place liens on personal and real property, if necessary.  Parents have been doing all of this by representing themselves in court – no lawyers or caseworkers necessary and nearly 10,000 parents have collected well over $15,000,000 in that time.


This website is unapologetically pro-woman and pro-child support enforcement.  Our mission is to focus on the kids and the women who are raising them because they all suffer when the non-paying parent does not do his share.  For some moms, being able to rely on a regular child support check to help cover the costs of ballet lessons, football camp, school tuition, day care costs, and more, makes a world of difference in the quality of life that they are able to give to their children.  Other parents work two and three jobs, just to keep the lights on when the kids get home from school and still other parents find themselves draining their savings and retirement accounts to make up the difference or not saving enough for her own retirement.  Unfortunately the child support system is a broke and a broken one and more often than not, CSE is unable to do enough to help.  Many parents can’t afford an attorney and some who do walk away with disappointing results and several thousand dollars less in their accounts and then they give up.

The Founder

Simone Spence is President and Founder of Child Support Solutions, LLC (CSS), an organization that helps parents collect unpaid child support payments through the child support system. Since CSS’ founding, Spence’s clients have been able to collect more than $15,000,000 in past due child support.

Spence learned first-hand about the child support system when she worked her way through the child support system to claim the payments to which she was entitled. Her efforts enabled her to support her own children and her victory led her to help other women who were unable to find success on their own. She explains,

“I know it is difficult to navigate the system but my own experience gave me the ability to help other mothers. I find it incredibly rewarding to help mothers legally claim their outstanding payments and be able to provide for their children.”

“We empower our clients by giving them the information and tools they need to provide for their children by recovering outstanding child support payments,” says Spence. She adds, “We have an 83% success rate which we attribute to our understanding of both the child support collection process and comprehensive knowledge of an individual’s rights.”


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Simone Spence is the author of 1-800-Deadbeats, How to Collect your Child Support, Deadbeats, What Responsible Parents Need to Know about Collecting Child Support, published in 2000 by Sourcebooks and now her third book Deadbeat vs. Deadbroke, A Guide to Getting your Children All that they Deserve, has been released June, 2014.  The chapter topics range from establishing paternity to finding a parent who’s MIA, identifying their assets and income, collecting from military personnel, the self-employed, the unemployed, under the table and cash-business workers, collecting funds internationally and more.

As a subject matter expert, Spence has made numerous television appearances and regularly makes appearances on talk radio. She is a sought after expert on child support and has written for several magazines, including but not limited to Heart & Soul and Essence magazine. She also wrote a weekly column “Diary of a Single Mom,” for the North Jersey Herald & News for several years.  Simone Spence is as an advocate, private child support consultant, trainer and coach.

Spence is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology, where she majored in journalism and communications. She has addressed U.S. legislative hearings for the Administration for Children & Families.

Among the many honors and awards Spence has received, former New Jersey Governors McGreevey and Corzine have honored Simone Spence with Proclamations for ending the cycle of hunger for families through her advocacy for child support enforcement. One of the greatest awards she was honored to receive was from Events to Empower Humanity when she was honored for empowering a 4 time generational mother with 8 children to get off of welfare, get an education and provide for her family, all as a result of collecting her past due child support.

What You Can Expect

Blogs and articles that address the specific problems that moms face when they need to collect from the other parent. Here you can expect to find the answers to the questions that keep you up at night and which you cannot find anywhere else.
The blogs and articles are complimented by videos which speak to the same problems and they provide answers on a face to face basis.  Sometimes its easier to listen to someone explain the answers to your problems, rather than read them.  From there, in our document library, we provide the paperwork that you need, explain how it needs to assembled and filed, but most importantly we provide help writing the language used in the paperwork through our sample documents. The language is crucial to the case.  Our training tutorials explain how our system walks you through the process in a step-by-step basis.

In short, we have designed a system to help the frayed, overwhelmed, busy mom proceed in court when she little or no money.  Better yet, we have a system designed to help her to win.  From one mother, to another.