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From Our Blog

Case Studies

The Case Of The Southern Belle And The Jazz Deadbeat

“Charlotte” heard me on the radio one afternoon and called the station to track me down. She assumed (and she was correct) that someone at the station would have a telephone number for me and she wanted to see if I could help her. Charlotte was at her wits end and later told me that she felt that she had tried everything possible, including spending a lot of money at an attorney’s office. I was her last hope.

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Horror Stories

In Disbelief

My ex moved out of state after child support was court-ordered (right after his 4th son was born). He moved to Texas, which is the worse state to get support from. He was ordered to pay $798/mo. 17 years later he paid $60/mo, which he pays when he feels like it. I know he’s getting some kind of disability, but child support states they can’t attach whatever kind of income he’s getting (how is that possible!?) and they can’t tell me what it is. He has a brand new truck; I have no vehicle or job since I was laid off this year. How does he even have a license to drive since he’s a deadbeat dad? How fair is that? And he wonders why his son won’t speak to him or visit him. My son asked for a some financial assistance to enroll in school to become a paramedic. He was told to get a job! Great guy!

Support Goes Unpaid

I am owed over $38,000. My daughter will be 18 in February. Her deadbeat dad decided to move to Canada so they wouldn’t find him. Bench warrants are out and still no money. I have been paid like $2,000 total in the past 18 years. So much for getting deadbeat dads! The government and courts don’t do crap about it.

I Want Him to Step Up and Pay

I have a 9-month-old son. His father spent time in prison before we met. I gave him a chance, hoping for change. He had no kids, and it was my first. My whole pregnancy was bad. He was/is verbally abusive. He lost his job because of anger issues, and now he’s without work but blames me. He kicked us out of his house, so I ordered child support on him, in which I’ve only received $30 over 7 months. I didn’t want back pay. He was ordered to pay $70 a week. He can’t do that, but he smokes, drinks, buys new clothing, and travels all the time. And now he’s asking to claim my son on his income tax. My case worker is not doing anything to make him pay. My son’s Christmas was because of me. He eats and has clothing because of me, as well as his pampers. I don’t want him back in jail, just to step up and be a man, and take care of his son.

My Husband the State Trooper

I married my husband in Dec. 2009 after having our son in Sept. 2009. I was 27 years old and thought that would be best for our new family. Long story, kind of short, in three years my husband lied about his finances, was having an affair with an ex, buying porn, drinking and driving with our son in the truck and his 7 year old from a previous marriage (while texting, too). My husband has been a state trooper for 8 years now and after putting his work gun in his mouth and to his forehead on several occasions I decided something had to be done for my son and my safety. After speaking to his captain, sergeants and having him investigated through BCI and IA nothing was done to protect us. I had proof of everything and handed it all over. He left us in Oct. 2011 till this day I have received no support from him and every time we go to court he is having it continued or we have suddenly been removed from the docket. I have an attorney but I’m feeling like it’s all politics and my son suffers.

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